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Think You Can’t Afford Private School?
Think Again.

Parents seek the very best for their kids’ education, understandably, and will even compromise where they live just so their children can have access to better schools. In the minds of many, private or tuition-based school is just not an option due to the financial obligation and admittance process. At Liberty Christian School, we are changing the way education is done in Richland, WA and also how parents pay for it.

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Educating kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school students requires identifying the needs of the whole child, not just a few aspects of who they are. Liberty Christian focuses on the academic, spiritual, social, emotional, and physical development of kids from primary to secondary education. We know we must prepare our students to be leaders the future will depend on; therefore, we take their education as seriously as you do.

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Shela Berry – Parent

Both my husband and I work in fields that we can’t just work from home and we have no family in town that can help monitor homeschooling. Having our children learn in an atmosphere where they can learn about the Lord and his journey is such a special blessing.

Anonymous Parent

Liberty Christian has been a Godsend. Our child went from a public school that wasn't sure if there is a difference between a boy and a girl to a school that focuses on Christ and education. The teachers, faculty, and Karen (the school's principal) are amazing.

Elementary Teacher

Being able to establish a relationship with my students and their families is crucial if we have to swing to remote learning for a time. The kids know that our classroom is a safe place where they are heard, loved, and cared for.

Bree Wolfe – Parent

My daughter was in Kindergarten when schools shut down. She had just begun her educational journey, and she lost so much by losing those last 4 months of the school year. Liberty has put the light back in her eyes, and she is really excelling!

Candi Looney – Parent

My oldest child is an introvert, she has never been overlooked by a teacher at Liberty and feels safe, secure, and enjoys school. She is building her self esteem at Liberty.

Don Robbins – Parent

Luke has changed so much since starting school at LCS. His growth with the Lord as excelled. His prayers are from the heart. How he lives and explores life shows what kind of impact LCS has on his life. The growth and life experience with LCS is truly a blessing.

Kelley Steele – Academic Counselor

Investing in young people's lives as well as teaching content - it's much easier and more impactful when we are in person. Knowledge can come through information, but wisdom is developed life on life, and being together provides the opportunity for mutual growth.

Jen Reed – Instruction & Curriculum Coach

"We teach students before curriculum. We reach souls before standards. We teach character before content." Yes. Yes. Yes! Being back in the classroom has given us the opportunity for us to do just that.

Anonymous Parent

We love that our children can talk to teachers, staff, and friends about God. That they are learning about God, can worship God, and building long-lasting bonds.

Jill Sistrunk – Parent

Our children love going to school every day where they are surrounded by teachers and staff who care and love them and help guide their paths in a positive direction.

Why Choose Liberty Christian?

(And why you’ll love your decision!)


Liberty Christian is full of unique students, all of whom are finding their unique voice and place in the world. We provide an environment where they can reach their potential, and grow beyond their vision, through various channels of expression and activities. They are encouraged to build quality friendships based on compassion and helping hands all while participating in growth-minded activities like art, community service projects, drama, music, and our outstanding athletics programs. Your child won’t just get a fantastic elementary, middle school or high school education; they will walk out of Liberty Christian School with friendships they will hold on to for a lifetime.

Liberty Christian School – Richland, WA


We are committed to the development of the whole student, spiritually, academically, socially, emotionally, and physically. We take seriously the responsibility of preparing and developing future leaders for their mission in society.

Liberty Christian School – Richland, WA


We strive to give our students opportunities to discover their passions by offering a variety of programs and activities that include drama, music, art, community service and more, in addition to successful athletics programs.

Liberty Christian School – Richland, WA

student life

Liberty students are encouraged to embrace their personalities in addition to one another. They are funny, kind, helpful, and compassionate, resulting in true bonds of friendship that last long after students have left our halls.

Why Wait? Start the Application Process Today!

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We make the application and submission process easy by using our online portals. This option is ideal so parents can track the progress of the application online. When our open enrollment period begins, parents can easily head to the site to take care of their digital paperwork and start their applications. We are also a continuous enrollment school. When you join the Liberty Christian Family you “are in.” We operate on an “opt-out” basis where students no longer have to reapply and experience recurring registration fees according to their contract with us. Parents simply let us know if their child will be departing Liberty, rather than reapplying year after year.

Tuition and Fees

Since Liberty Christian School uses a variable tuition financial platform, there is no “one size fits all” approach to what a parent will pay. In fact, parents will spend anywhere between 40-85% of the full cost of education based on their specific circumstances. We seek donors, endowments and auxiliary program support to supplement the rest of a child’s education which covers everything from registration and activities to occasional field trips, and more. We also recognize that parents may need to send more than one child to school, creating a need for an even more affordable tuition option. We take this factor into consideration in how that impacts a whole family’s tuition rates.

Variable tuition

Have you ever heard about the variable tuition model for school? If not, you’re not alone. Variable tuition is based on “need” and is similar to an assistance program that private schools and colleges use to admit students. This model allows the parent to apply for reduced tuition based on financial factors of parents and families. This is what makes Liberty Christian such a desirable option for parents who want the best education possible for their kids.

Continuous EnrollmentThroughout the history of Liberty Christian School, more than 85% of students annually re-enrolled for the following year. We love our students and are proud to see such strong retention numbers year after year. But re-enrollment was a tedious process of time-consuming paperwork and communication.

In 2018, LCS moved to Continuous Enrollment, an “Opt-out” model that is more in line with our mission to partner with families in Christian education. By completing the continuous enrollment contract as part of your initial registration process, you tell our enrollment office once and for all that your family will be remaining at LCS until your children graduate, or until you notify us otherwise. No more annual re-enrollment fees!

Foundation & Mission

Liberty Christian has been an independent, non-denominational non-profit school since 1980. We serve pre-school students starting at just 4-years old with our K4 program. We serve elementary school age, middle school, and high school students as well. Liberty is an educational institute dually accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and the Northwest Accreditation of Commission (NWAC/Cognia). Our classroom sizes are smaller than public school options in the Columbia Basin, giving kids more access to teachers and other staff educators.

Liberty Christian’s mission is to provide a Biblically-based education, marked by academic excellence, in a nurturing atmosphere. Students are encouraged to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and live committed Christian lives.

Liberty Christian Students
Liberty Christian School – Richland, WA

Get More Insight to Liberty

We highly encourage you to look at the Liberty Christian Community website. This is an online area where events, school happenings, our blog, academics, and curriculum are discussed. You can learn more about our athletics programs through the Patriot links and get more resource information about our school. This space will give you insight into what daily school life at Liberty feels like and what your child will experience while attending school with us. We also welcome you to schedule a tour with your child; we can’t wait to meet you!

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