Anonymous Parent

Liberty Christian has been a Godsend. Our child went from a public school that wasn't sure if there is a difference between a boy and a girl to a school that focuses on Christ and education. The teachers, faculty, and Karen (the school's principal) are amazing.

Bree Wolfe – Parent

My daughter was in Kindergarten when schools shut down. She had just begun her educational journey, and she lost so much by losing those last 4 months of the school year. Liberty has put the light back in her eyes, and she is really excelling!

Bree Wolfe – Parent

My son is very bright but was not challenged in public school or online. He has really stepped up and loves the daily/weekly challenges - he used to have "test anxiety", but now he looks forward to the weekly spelling quizzes and verse memorizations. I am a happy mama...

Shela Berry – Parent

Both my husband and I work in fields that we can’t just work from home and we have no family in town that can help monitor homeschooling. Having our children learn in an atmosphere where they can learn about the Lord and his journey is such a special blessing.

Don Robbins – Parent

Luke has changed so much since starting school at LCS. His growth with the Lord as excelled. His prayers are from the heart. How he lives and explores life shows what kind of impact LCS has on his life. The growth and life experience with LCS is truly a blessing.